Pastoral, Medical and Social Support

The care, guidance and support in our school is excellent and we pride ourselves in knowing every child’s abilities and needs.

Our well trained staff are up-to-date with many aspects of well-being, some having very specialised skills which can support children with complex needs or in vulnerable circumstances.

Children also have access to a Learning Mentor, and families may be supported by the Parent Support Advisor who can work with them in their own homes.

Several members of staff are trained in specific medical procedures for children with identified needs. Almost all staff have some form of First Aid training, from basic to enhanced. Staff are also trained in delivering medicines in school.

Our school is accessible to all of its users.

  • The curriculum can be modified for those who require it.
  • There are sets of steps but we also have ramps.
  • Our rooms have blinds.
  • There is a disabled toilet in each building.