After School Clubs

After school clubs enable pupils to interact with new people, develop interpersonal skills and learn from each other. They support children in exploring their interests and hobbies.

Please see below the link for our Summer 1 After School Clubs.

Summer 1 After School Clubs

We also offer additional after school clubs that are free of charge such as Mini Vinnies, Choir, Commando Joe’s and Sports Teams.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is available to all children at a cost of £3 per session. Breakfast Club starts at 7.45am and children are taken to their classes afterwards. For more information please contact the school office.  To book a place at Breakfast Club please email by 3pm the day before you would like your child to attend

Tea Time Club

Our excellent Tea Time Club is open to all children who attend our school. Places are available throughout the week at a cost of £4 per session. The club starts directly after school to 4.45pm.

For more information please contact the school office.  To book a place at Tea Time Club please email by 3pm the day before you would like your child to attend.

Please see leaflet below for further information regarding our Wrap Around provision

Wrap around care leaflet


In this club, years 1 – 3 have been busy meeting after school and making lots of Christmas crafts to sell at our Christmas Fayre.  All proceeds will support CAFOD.


With a focus on developing confidence and building teamwork skills, our cheerleaders are always full of energy and enthusiasm!


Dancing with your friends with glow sticks! This club focuses on having fun with a party atmosphere.

Design and Technology Club

Each week there is an exciting new project for our designers to create. They have to use their problem solving skills to ensure their product works. The club is supported by the use of technology to develop their expertise.

Cooking Club: Year 2 and Year 3

Working with our school chef, the children have had an amazing experience developing the life skill that is cooking. Our recipes have ranged from spring rolls to flapjacks.

Drawing Club: Reception and Year 1

We have been drawing pictures based on our own lives and the stories we read, thinking carefully about the different features we need to include and adding labels and numbers. On a windy day in October we read a story about Elmer the elephant getting blown away! We took advantage of the windy weather and after completing our drawings we made kites and flew them. Mrs Robson had a real kite and let us fly it, we got to see how it moved in the wind, it was great fun!














Engineering Club Year 6

The children in year 6 have had a wonderful time in Engineering Club. They have been making models and learning about how to join and the mechanics behind models. The children have been working with engineers and have loved the challenge!

“I learnt the understanding of metals” Alfie

“It isn’t easy but I try and it is fun” Sophie

“I have learnt how fun mechanics can be.” Katelyn

“I like it, it’s fun and you get to build things” Willis

“I’ve loved this club, I would like to be an engineer!” Johnny