Our children are at the heart of our school, which is a loving and supportive place to learn. We are a Catholic school but we are also an integral part of our whole community and fully reflect the cultural makeup of families in our area. Families with no faith or of other faiths are warmly welcomed and make up a significant number of our school family.

Here at Our Lady of the Rosary, we are committed to ensuring that each child meets their full potential, excelling at every opportunity, both inside and outside of the classroom, in a happy and safe environment. We strive to enable all our pupils to be the best possible version of themselves. We allow and encourage them to think outside of the box. We teach them how to dream, cast vision and set goals. We teach our children how to deal with failure so that they learn how to pick themselves up, overcome challenges and ignite their initiatives again. We foster a climate of curiosity and independence and in doing so, develop transferable skills for life long learning and intrinsic value of life.

Below are some quotes from children at school:

“We play with dinosaurs” Matthew (Nursery)

“I play with turtles and my friends” Koby (Nursery)

“I like it when I come to school” Reenie (Reception)

“It’s good because there is always things to do” Tommy (Reception)

“I love to play with the toys and doing my writing, my teacher is kind.” Isla (Reception)

“It’s good because I can see my friends” Heidi (Year 1)

“It’s good, it’s got good teachers” Caleb (Year 1)

“Good because you can learn new things” Zack (Year 2)

“School is good because you get to make new friends” Teddie (Year 2)

“It’s good, I like learning maths” Mya (Year 2)

“Its fun doing maths and playing with my friends” Dalton (Year 2)

“It is nice, you can play with your friends” Harry (Year 3)

“People make friends with you and they are kind” Ruby (Year 3)

“There are fun activities like computing” Georgia (Year 3)

“People respect each other and help people, we are all a big community” James (Year 3)

“It’s incredible to be at this school, I love it!” Alastair (Year 4)

“It’s amazing to be at this school” Annabelle (Year 4)

“It’s fun!” Leon (Year 5)

“Pupils help each other” Savanna (Year 5)

“The pupils and teachers are always ready to learn” Alex (Year 5)

“Pupils and teachers show respect” Oscar (Year 5)

“There is a lot of respect for the students and teachers show you how to act and work.” Khayal (Year 6)

“You get lots of help and teachers help you improve your work.” Isla (Year 6)

“It’s full of people like you, who share your interests. You will make lots of friends!” Georgia (Year 6)