Year 5

Spring 2

On Friday 15th March the children invited parents and carers to join them in their celebration of the word, based on our topic of the Eucharist.

The children planned how to gather and they decided to gather by passing round the holding cross and sharing a special memory they have. The children then read the word from Luke’s Gospel explaining the events of the last supper. We then linked this to how we the bread and wine are transformed to the body and blood of Christ during the Eucharistic prayer. The children then shared their own intercession that they had written themselves. A few children then shared prayers they had written thank God for the gift of Jesus and his sacrifice. We ended the celebration of the word with a hymn and gave our mission which was to make a sacrifice to help others. We then created a memory box to help us treasure special people and moments in our lives.

Third week of Advent

In year 5, the children prepared a celebration of the word for the third week of Advent. They focused their celebration around the Gospel of John. Miss Mather’s class welcomed their parents in to join them in this celebration with the whole school at the start of the week.

The mission for that week allowed the children to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Mrs Sweeney’s class then prepared their celebration and lead the readings in Mass later in that week.