Year 1

Spring 1

Friday 2nd February we invited our families to come along to our celebration of the word for the end of our topic, special people. We linked our DT project to RE and had an amazing time creating moving cards for people who are special to us.

The children planned how to gather and this time decided to sing their gather song and pass around the holding cross, saying the name of someone special to them. We the heard the word from Luke’s Gospel and reflected on how he chose Simeon to see Jesus when he was just a baby at the temple. We then took a few quiet minutes to think about how God made us special and how we can spread our talents. The children then wrote their own intercessions thanking God for all the special people around us, in church, in school, in our community and especially themselves. We ended our celebration of the word by handing out our moving cards to those who had joined us and created posters to show other people in our school how they are special.

Autumn 2

We loved welcoming our families to our Celebration of the word on November 24th.

Our Celebration of the Word was linked to our statement to live by for that week – ‘I can tell you how I look after myself.’

The children got to plan all four aspects of our celebration. They first planned how they would gather, bringing up important items to our focal table. They then listened to the word of God and decided the best way to respond. After that, they then created their own bidding prayers all linked to our statement to live by. Finally they created their own mission to complete afterwards with their family.