The children in Nursery and Reception enjoy joining in with the Celebration of the Word. They have began to select the way in which they like to gather.

Statement to Live by: I can say one good thing about myself

The children enjoyed sharing their gifts and talents with each other. The children then showed us for the rest of the session what they were good at.

Statement to live by: I try to be just and fair

Nursery and Reception gathered together in the prayer room for the Celebration of the Word. The children talked about the ways that they felt they could be fair to each other.

“I will share with my friends” – Stephen (Reception Class)

“Be like Jesus” – Josie (Nursery)

We gathered in the prayer room for a Celebration of the Word, the children carefully set the prayer focal point up using a green cloth for ordinary time. We than sang our favourite gather hymn Gather, Gather.





Buddy Time

We are lucky that we get to spend time with our buddies, we have been working in the Prayer Room and having some time to reflect at the prayer stations.

“My Buddy helped me to say some Prayers to Jesus.” – Alecia Reception Class

“I was with my Buddy and we got to go to the Prayer Room!” – Steven Reception Class